chee the crested gecko

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Gecko Luv

I am a small time breeder. My major focus is crested geckos. I specialize in high quality, healthy geckos with great structure and lots of pattern. All my crested geckos are well cared for and beloved pets. They even have their own enviornmenty controlled room!

baby in egg

I feel in love with crested geckos the first time I saw them at a show in September of 2008 at a reptile expo. I bought my first two there, plus two more the next day, and it went down hill from there. I have, lets just leave it at lots (my friends call me the crazy gecko lady). I really love the crested gecko for its mellow personality, cuteness, handlability and its ability to just hang out with you.

I have since fallen for some gargolye geckos and have a couple of groups in the works, with eggies that should be hatching any day now. I have one baby chahoa named Bonbon, and am just waiting to find out her sex before getting another, so baby chewies some day! And then there are the urplatus and ball pythons and sand boas and the rest of the zoo... Did I mention I love animals?

mimi the gecko

Look around the site and learn a bit about us, how to care for these amazing animals, ask questions, shop, and watch how this site changes! It is still in the works, with many new pages.

Remember the incubator is stuffed with eggies, so check back with us often, because there will always be new geckos avalible