Geckoluv in located in sacramento, California. Luckily we have nice weather here and there are a handful of days during the extremes of winter and summer when I can not ship.

I will ship between 40 and 90 degrees. They are always sent in insulated boxes with heat or cold packs as need. I ship through shipyourreptiles.com, so UPS, and you will receive tracking information as soon as I have it. I always want to know where my babies are, and I am sure you are the same.

I have never had any problems with shipping an animal. My animals have all arrived healthy, with no health issues and just what the customer wanted. I take great care packing and shipping them. They are my babies after all.

None the less, all critter have a live and one week health guarantee assuming somebody is there to receive delivery. Please notify me as soon as possible if there is any problem. You have 2 days to notify me if you are unhappy with anything else. Of course when sex is guaranteed, please notify me of the error as soon as possible and it will be taken care of. I ship using shipyourreptiles.com, and use heat or cold packs as needed. I will send you all tracking information as soon as I have it and I really appreciate if you let me know when they got there safe and sound.

Thank you , Roxanne Hatfield owner of Gecko Luv.